Welcome to the Senior School

In September 2024 we are excited to be adding to our Prep School by introducing the first Year 9 to our class range as we extend our school to 16 and GCSEs.  Building on our 40 years of experience in independent education, we could not be more pleased to be able to offer our pupils and parents a haven for their children to take those steps into young adulthood in their education.

With our dedicated staff, we offer small class sizes which allow us to create a nurturing family atmosphere with exceptional pastoral care; providing a unique and special place for your child to grow to their full potential.

In September 2024 our first cohort moving forward in their journey to GCSE, will continue their study of a rich and diverse curriculum ensuring that the exams they take will mean every career choice will be open to them.

In 2022 we opened our Nursery School to 2 year-olds, and now, with extending to 16, we are in a position to support your child through their academic career. Knowing them and their interests so well, we are able to look at the development of the whole child from the time they join us until they leave at 16. Adding in a huge range of extracurricular activities, ensures they can access only the very best for their education. This maintains our ethos of every child being the very best version of themselves.

There truly is no better time to join us for your child’s academic journey and watch them grow.

By adding a year group annually, with our first GCSE’s being held in 2027, this gives us the time to ensure that the options available to our students truly do provide a game changing alternative in the independent education field in Cornwall.

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