The Nursery School

Starting to Grow

Inspired by Boscawen Rose, the school’s founding Nursery. 40 years of experience has built a special environment for your child to begin to explore their individual spirit of curiosity.

Guided by caring, experienced staff who encourage and stimulate children to become lifelong learners, our unique and valuable Nursery provision helps them form relationships with other children, adults and the world around them.

Seeds of Success

Two-year-olds join as ‘Buds’ and three-year-olds as ‘Roses’, both of which are awarded an automatic place at Polwhele House when they move into Reception.

The Nursery School is part of the empathetic Polwhele House community. Families and staff work together to give children a rounded experience that allows them to explore their individual talents and passions and gives them a strong sense of belonging.

A School Family

Our youngest members thrive in our nurturing Nursery School environment, where experienced, dedicated staff know that the true enjoyment of lifelong learning, is rooted in happy, stable experiences in the first days of learning.

Some of our Buds have already experienced Nursery life and are taking the next step in their childcare journey. Others have been at home with or without siblings and are new to this level of social interaction.

Individual Care

Careful discussions with parents before a child joins, ensure that we are able to tailor your child’s introduction to the Nursery before they start attending.

Knowing that every child is different underpins all we do; working with parents ensures the best possible transition into the Nursery setting and this strong partnership sets the foundations for future communication and trust. We cover social interactions, language development, personal hygiene needs and sleep routines.

Settling In

Introducing your child to us is carefully managed, with visits where parents can explore our setting along with their child. These are usually followed with longer taster sessions, to help them get used to a new environment and build their excitement.

Learning to be with others with different personalities and needs is one of the key life skills we all need to learn and with our small classes and dedicated staff, we can ensure that all our children’s needs are met.

Learning to Learn

Buds are curious and keen to explore. We harness this natural inquisitiveness and encourage challenges within the security of careful supervision.

The foundations of phonics and number are covered carefully each day with ‘busy learning’ tasks encouraging the children to learn through directed play. Facilitated by imaginative staff, our children enjoy class challenges or an individual task, to help them make progress towards the targets set by their teacher.

Exploring Outside

We have amazing and fascinating outdoor spaces and our youngest children have every opportunity to discover the great outdoors in our Woodland School area, exploring in safety.

As their confidence grows, they can access different parts of the grounds on the field, in the woods, in the Walled Garden or the Secret Garden, each of which has its own atmosphere, plants and minibeasts to meet.

Indoor Learning

Back in the classroom, the children have access to a freeflow area with sand and water play and different activities each day.

They also enjoy the use of a growing area which we plant to complement the stories and topics being explored by the children.

A Special Journey

As each child grows, their needs change and we work with each child to make sure that they have the experiences which can help them grow into happy, successful learners.

Our Roses have Swimming lessons, PE and Art led by our Prep School teachers. They can learn to ride in our on-site equestrian facility and to take Dance classes. They start to attend Pre-prep and whole school assemblies to celebrate their own achievements and those of others.

Ready to Fly

Spending time with the older children allows our Roses to observe role models and learn to communicate with growing confidence in a wider variety of scenarios.

As our Roses continue to develop, we encourage their independence & growth. Underpinned in the continuous improvement in their vocabulary, we also see them start to wear the familiar Polwhele House uniform, which marks them out as future members of the school.

Learning for Life

The Nursery school lays the foundations for learning. Mark making, early writing and phonics sit alongside an early understanding of numbers, to provide a daily curriculum designed to challenge and support in equal measure.

Carefully designed and tailored to the individual needs of each child. We encourage busy, directed learning with increasing complexity, so children can learn and thrive at their pace.

Key Skills

We use Read Write Inc to ensure that the transition in literacy is seamless throughout the Pre-prep. Our teachers ensure your child moves at the right pace to give them success both now and in the future.

Numeracy is supported with a wide range of physical objects to manipulate and the children begin to relate written numbers to the physical objects. Using pens, chalks and crayons to make marks, the children have plenty of practice with their fine motor skills, preparing for learning to write as soon as they are ready.

Outdoor Explorers

Forest Fridays ensure that the Roses have plenty of outdoor time, where the learning continues in our glorious grounds. With waterproofs and wellies, there is never a reason not to go outside.

Our children become literate in nature and appreciate the world around them; the Nursery School was a part of the school’s success in achieving the Woodland Trust Gold Award. Roses share the freeflow space with the Buds and Reception, allowing a wide range of social interactions throughout the school day.

Joining the Family

Children can begin growing with us at any point in the term after they turn two. The Nursery runs from 08.45-15.40 daily in school term time.

Your child can arrive from 08.00 for the Early Birds Club and can stay to Late Club, which ends at 17.30. Both Clubs have an additional charge. You can book a tour of the school by phoning the Office. As part of the tour, you will have a chance to see the Nursery in action, meet our staff and ask us any questions. We accept Nursery Funding for up to 30 hours a week.

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