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One of a kind in Cornwall, the Polwhele Performing Arts Scholarship programme enables children aged 7 and above to access academic studies and vocational performing arts training. It is open to pupils nationwide who aspire to become performers or have a love of performing arts. Children can join in any year group from Year 3 upwards.

The Polwhele House Performing Arts Scholarship is a course of excitement, discovery, development and achievement. Our Scholars are creative, talented young people, who are supported to reach for the stars in all their classes. Strong relationships within the school between pupils, and professional, warm and supportive relationships with staff, create a safe, nurturing environment to allow our Performing Arts Scholars to take risks and be accepted for who they are. We believe that being part of the special Polwhele House School family allows each individual opportunities to blossom in personal courage, growth mindset and perseverance, with the emphasis on pupils improving their own standards and skills.

Dance, sing, act, train, achieve and learn in Cornwall – be a showstopper on the Polwhele House Performing Arts Scholarship!



The Scholars attend two Drama sessions each week as well as their curriculum Drama lessons. They work on a number of skills including voice projection and stage craft. The Scholars work towards performances throughout the year at a variety of venues. Children who participate in Drama, experience improved reading comprehension and are typically more engaged in learning. The confidence gained through participation in Drama carries over to all aspects of their lives. Drama encourages children to explore their imagination and make creative choices. It enhances both verbal and non-verbal communication skills as they learn to cooperate and collaborate with others.

Musical Theatre

The children take part in two Musical Theatre sessions a week, bringing together all three disciplines of performing. They learn musicality and stage presence through rehearsing and performing at various events and venues including the Royal Cornwall Show and termly performances.

Musical Theatre allows children to develop creativity, an increasingly valued skill in most workplaces. It requires teamwork and collaboration, working with others on a common goal. Musical Theatre supports self confidence and self-esteem, breaks down inhibitions, improves fitness and reduces stress and anxiety.


The scholars sing twice a week and perform as part of the School Choir. They attend Music Festivals and perform throughout the year at a wide range of events including the ‘Songfest’ concert. The scholars are encouraged to ‘find their voice’: for some that is singing solos, for others it is the joy that comes from singing with others.

Singing has many benefits including improving posture, helping with sleep and improving mental health. Singing with others can boost self-confidence and teamwork skills needed in everyday life. Above all, singing makes you feel good and can even strengthen your immune system!


On a Monday and a Wednesday afternoon the Scholars in Years 5-8 take part in Dance sessions with a qualified dance teacher. The are taught different Dance genres including tap, street dance and contemporary. The Junior Scholars have Dance sessions once a week working on different styles to build strength, balance, skill and stamina.

They work towards performances throughout the year, which their families are invited to watch. These small group sessions with professional teachers provide the perfect environment for progress and time for children to grow as performers.

Dance does not have only physical benefits, it boosts cognitive performance, challenges the brain and connects with emotions. Participating in Dance improves rhythm and timing which in turn can have a positive impact on academic standards.



All prospective pupils must complete the school’s application form to be formally considered for a place at Polwhele House. This year auditions will take place virtually. Entrance to this programme is by audition only and our team of specialist teachers audition each applicant who is then interviewed by the Head. We are looking for a degree of potential that can be developed alongside an interest in and commitment to the art of performance.

Although it is not necessary, previous experience in performing in at least one of the discipline areas will be an advantage in this process.


Lasting approximately one minute.



A short dance of any genre, for example, Ballet, Jazz, Tap.


One song of the candidate’s own choice, which can be any style.



Candidates will be interviewed by the Head following their audition.


Pupils take part in a variety of performances throughout the year at various venues, including our in-house performances for our school community.


Pupils take part in a variety of performances throughout the year at various venues, including our in-house performances for our school community.

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