At Polwhele House we believe that children deserve far more than just a good education. Our school is set in a safe and beautiful 30 acre site on the outskirts of Truro, giving the advantages of learning in both the countryside and the city. This location means that we can deliver a unique curriculum embracing indoor and outdoor education and enhancing every aspect of each child’s life experiences.

What does Polwhele House offer that’s different from other schools?

We have small class sizes and a real family feel. All the staff know every child and we’re always on hand to talk parents through any concerns at every stage of education.

With our exceptional grounds we have the ideal environment for children to live as children, not having to grow up too soon but leaning to love mud and den building – often as part of lessons.

We have a focus on wellbeing and make sure every member of our community feels valued.

How do you make the lessons engaging?

As the children enter the Prep School, they start to be taught by subject specialist teachers. Teachers who have a passion for their subject inspire the children and help them engage with all they are learning. The teachers can also take the children as far as they can go – questions can be answered from a depth of knowledge and understanding and there is also the chance of an extra-curricular club to engage interest even more.

We also add subjects some schools don’t, such as Latin and Enquiry, which has a wide-ranging curriculum making best use of the learning in our grounds.

Children need to run free and we have plenty of exercise built into our curriculum.

Is there an entrance exam?

No. We don’t believe that we can get the best from children in an exam situation so we invite them in for a couple of days so that we can see whether they will benefit from all we have to offer. We will then talk to you about what we have found so that we can have a productive dialogue before we decide whether to offer your child a place.

You seem to have a lot of animals – why?

Our ponies are here to help the children learn to ride – but sometimes when you’re having a bad day it helps to visit the animals and share your troubles with them. Several children choose to read to our school dog, who doesn’t judge – and enjoys the attention!

All-in-all, we find that animals are a very positive addition to our community.

What do I do if I want to find out more?

Make an appointment for a visit so you can look around meet the Head, teachers and children and feel the atmosphere – you’ll know if Polwhele is a place where your child can learn and be happy. If you want to proceed, we can arrange taster days where your child can find out all about us.

What do I do if I would like my child to try for a scholarship?

Contact the Office and our staff will send you a prospectus which explains the programme. If you want to proceed, your child will need to come for assessment in their chosen field.

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