Welcome to Pre-Prep

Polwhele House’s Pre-Prep is a special place where children from the age of three learn to learn.

Very young children are curious and enthusiastic and we harness these qualities in an active, stimulating, happy and secure environment. On entering the Pre-Prep, you will immediately be heartened by the friendly atmosphere and tremendous sense of fun and energy, by the sounds of confident children busily learning and playing together.

Throughout their time in the Pre-Prep children are nurtured to give their best. Creative skills and the imagination are developed through music workshop, singing, movement, drama, art and craft.

Mrs L Topsey-Eaton, head of pre-prep

A special family…

“Being in Pre-prep is like being in a family” – the wise, wonderful words of one of our Year 2 pupils who has enjoyed starting their education in our Nursery and blossomed through their early years with us.

Polwhele House Pre-preparatory School is an educational setting where every child is valued and is part of our special Pre-prep family. We believe that in this warm, nurturing and supportive family-based environment every child can be emotionally ready to start and develop their learning across the curriculum and beyond, creating a secure base on which to build their future school and working careers.

Touch the stars

This crucial foundation is developed through our passion to keep Pre-prep personal. Due to our small class sizes we can offer an enviable adult to child ratio. This means that each child benefits from a fantastic level of attention from the very beginning and is valued for who they are and what they contribute to our school family. We believe in each child’s ability to touch the stars in their achievements, reaching pride-filled moments where they know they have succeeded having done their personal best, be that in academic achievement, creative pursuits or sport.

Warm relationships

Our small classes allow staff to closely monitor each child’s progress and tailor their teaching accordingly, supporting and challenging academic skills, knowledge and personal development. This extends to the children’s families who are given time to communicate with our Pre-prep staff, sharing family news and stories of success and achievement. This helps us to work as a team with our parents, building strong relationships around each of the children in our EYFS and Key Stage 1 classes. We enjoy getting to know the children well, spending lots of time with them both in and out of the classroom, sitting with them during our family-style dining at lunchtimes and being part of their outdoor play in the playground.

Believe and achieve

From our knowledge of each child we encourage them to enjoy a range of collaborative and social skills-based learning opportunities, working with their peers and other members of the Pre-prep family to develop their emotional intelligence for the years ahead, educating the whole child and encouraging creativity, imagination and facilitating risk taking in a safe environment. Expectations of good manners, being respectful and caring are woven naturally into every day.

Magical memories

We nurture childhood, a time that goes by so quickly, but cannot ever be replaced. Enthralling walks into our beautiful woodland, singing and performing with joy, creating artworks and crafts, adventures through exciting topics and getting out and about in our wonderful county are all part of making wonderful memories at Polwhele House.

Growing and learning

Through links to our Prep School, being part of Celebration Assemblies and whole school events, we give our youngest children gentle opportunities to become familiar with the rest of the school and when they leave Pre-prep at the age of seven they arrive there already settled, confident and ready to continue their own unique and personal learning journey.

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