A word from the Head

Our amazing community has yet again rallied to support each other as we deal with the effects of the global pandemic which has closed schools across the country.

We are honoured to be able to support our key workers’ children by providing a safe place for them to lean and play whilst their parents are working on the frontline, ensuring the health and security of us all.

As the school closed to most children this week, our online learning began.  Families have been doing a wonderful job supporting their children to learn and much education has taken place.  Parents are in contact with teachers by email – and by phone if they need it – and we have a variety of ways of keeping a finger on the pulse of each child’s educational progress.

We are learning every day – and finding wonderful new ways of working with our pupils.

All the time we are making sure that children are moving forward with their learning, we are also thinking of people across the world who are struggling with the illness which is spreading more widely every day.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all families who have members affected in any way by the Coronavirus.

Polwhele is famous for its community spirit and it is by working together and moving forward together that we will stay strong and continue to support each other.

My very best wishes to you all.

Mrs Mann