Extra curriculum

At Polwhele House, we want children to develop as wide a range of interests and hobbies as possible in order that they may find new ways to excel. For children in Years 3 to 8, committed staff and specialist coaches come together to provide quite a list of extra-curricular options.

We also make use of our extensive and impressive grounds with seasonal clubs such as outdoor creative writing; gardening; kitchen garden; pioneers; rugby; football; cricket; rounders; tennis; netball; hockey and athletics.


With our acknowledged excellence in Performing Arts, dance is one of the areas in which we excel. We work with Jason Thomas Dance in Truro to provide the best possible support for the children, who can have lessons as soon as they join in the Nursery. Our termly Performance Evenings demonstrate the children’s skill and ability, which can take your breath away!

Children are welcome to apply for Performing Arts Scholarships. Please contact the Office for details of the application process.

Equestrian Sport

With seven ponies and a horse onsite, our equestrian provision supports every level of ability from beginner to show jumping specialist. Our friendly and highly qualified staff ensure that the best possible progress is made and that an appropriate variety of skills is learned.

Stable management is an essential part of every horseman or woman’s life and the children learn all about the life and health of a horse, as well as how to manage their care.

Equestrian Scholarships are often available. Please contact the Office for details of the application process.

After school clubs

Polwhele House offers an all-round education which ensure that your child makes all the progress of which they are capable. However, every child had passions and strengths which need a little extra nurturing.

After school clubs range from Gardening to Textile, from Cross-country to Jiu Jitsu, with seasonal sports well represented in the mixture.

There is always an opportunity to extend skills in performance and equestrian skills but there is also a chance to spread your wings and learn to crochet, develop your creative writing skills or delve further into science. The sky is the limit!

There is always Prep Club, which give support with completing homework tasks.

All clubs start after a family tea to ensure there is plenty of energy for taking part.

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