Prep School

An education for life

An education at Polwhele House Prep School is an education for life. Here academic excellence is combined with pastoral care of the highest order and reinforced by sports and a challenging extra-curricular programme.

The Prep School is traditional yet modern. It encourages a warm, caring relationship between pupils and staff. This happy and productive atmosphere ensures that children do the best they can because they wish to do so. Our children find their work challenging, interesting and enjoyable.

We begin each day by joining together for assembly: a time to share and reflect. Lunch operates a 'family service' system where the children sit and eat with friends from the other year groups and are served by the teaching staff. The school day ends at 3.40pm when the after school activity programme commences. (see extra curricular)

When children enter the Prep School in Year 3 they are exposed to new and exciting experiences. At this stage Year 3 are mostly form-based, moving only for science, music, art and ICT. The move into the Prep School does see the introduction of more specialist subject teaching.

As the children move up through the school the amount of specialist teaching increases as does their movement for lessons in specialist rooms.

Prep School children are also welcome to experience boarding and are invited to take part in the wide and varied range of after school activities.

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