Karenza Scholarship

To celebrate 40 years of Polwhele House education, we are launching the Karenza Scholarships for academic excellence.

The scholarship programme is designed to promote academic excellence whilst leaning on the school’s founding principle of Karenza Whelas Karenza, or Love Begets Love and is inspired by our nurturing environment where children grow through kindness and care towards each other at every stage of their time with us.  

Karenza Scholars will be within the first cohort at Polwhele House to take GCSE exams at the end of Year 11, working alongside our current pupils. 

They will thirst for knowledge and always want to know the next fascinating fact. Whilst we will be testing english, mathematics and reasoning skills, Karenza Scholars will also enjoy history, geography, languages, sciences – the whole breadth of curriculum opportunities.

As a member of the Polwhele House community, Karenza Scholars will be team players and supportive of their classmates; they will enjoy the challenge of any area of study which does not come naturally to them and will be keen to engage in extra-curricular activities.

We are excited to welcome applicants, who will take exams on the morning of 12th March.

Tests in English, mathematics and reasoning with successful applicants eligible for up to 25% of fees.

Interested families are welcome before test date.

For tours or application form please contact office@polwhelehouseschol.co.uk

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