Early Years Foundation Stage

A special place where children learn to learn

Learning is fun

The Nursery and Reception classes are all about fun, practical and meaningful activities that encourage children to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of the world around them. For the Nursery class, it all begins in the term of their 3rd birthday. We operate a five-day week and children can attend part or full time.

"Outdoor learning is a significant element of the curriculum... particularly in the EYFS where a wide range of interesting outdoor activities promote enthusiasm enabling the children to respond well to the high expectations of the staff, leading to successful outcomes for all children."
Independent Schools Inspectorate Sept 2012

At this stage our experienced staff work closely with parents to ensure that all children feel happy and excited about coming into school and to settle in well. Fun and interesting activities encourage each child to learn through play and talk; reading, writing, language and maths are all introduced at an appropriate pace for each child and complement the development of their social skills and good manners.

As well as practising these introductory academic skills, the nursery children also participate in dance, PE, music and movement, cooking, exploring our extensive grounds and swimming. It is now that children have the opportunity to enjoy horse riding lessons on one of the school's ponies.

The Reception class consolidates this early learning. The fun and enjoyment continue while the level of knowledge, skills and independent practice and understanding simultaneously increases.

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