Youth Speaks!

More Success at Youth Speaks!

On Saturday the Youth Speaks ‘delegation’ from Polwhele made their way to the Saltash Methodist Church for the grand final of Youth Speaks 2019. Eliza, Tipper and Gwener were once again ready to present their talk entitled ‘Why do we have to grow up’. 
It turned out not to be the Cornwall Final, but the Devon and Cornwall final, with teams from all over the two counties.
First duty was for the chair child, Eliza, to take part in choosing the performing order of the  teams. Eliza picked number two. Not the ideal draw perhaps, but the girls were raring to go.
So after the first team, from Nanpean, it was our turn to take the stage. By going second, our trio were able to show all the following teams how to exploit the slightly unusual space they had been given. Eliza took charge as chair with her usual authority and clarity. She handed over to Tipper who delivered her speech with both passion and warmth. She answered the question from the floor with wonderful aplomb, stating that her dad was an example of an adult who had never quite grown up. Interestingly, both Eliza and Gwener felt the same about their dads, and having met all three men in question, I agree with their judgements, and I know a thing or two myself about adults who haven’t quite grown up!  It should be made clear that, in the context of their presentation, this perception of fatherly immaturity was very much a compliment.
Not only did Tipper answer the question well, she also, somewhat spontaneously urged every adult present to leave the church at the end of the competition and seek out their ‘inner child’ by climbing a tree, or at the very least, hugging one!
Gwener also performed her ‘Vote of Thanks’ duties with skill and warmth. They were pleased with their performance, and Miss Topsey, myself and all the parents (and Eliza’s brother) were incredibly proud of the dream team from Polwhele (Or Polhouse, as the compere insisted on calling us).
Now we could sit back and watch the other teams perform. It was a long but highly entertaining, informative and thought-provoking afternoon.
The job of the judges is to sort the wheat form the chaff. Unfortunately for them, there was no chaff on Saturday, so it was a case of sorting the very good ears of wheat from the very, very good ears of wheat.
 After quite a wait, the results were announced. There were no comments – a little disappointing perhaps – but it had been a long day. There were prizes for the best chair person, speaker and Vote of Thanks.
The prize for best Chair ‘child’ went to Eliza from Polwhele. She received a wonderful glass sculpture.
Then came the biggie – the winner and runner-up awards. 
Polwhele were then announced as runners-up, pipped to the ultimate prize by the team from Horrabridge in Devon. Everyone was very excited and delighted with the results. Success that our girls thoroughly deserved after all their hard work over recent weeks.




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