Vacancy for Head of Sport and teaching of Humanities and IT

Available from Summer Term, 14 April 2020


We are looking for a full-time teacher who can lead the sports curriculum and events as well as teach humanities and IT.


Responsibilities include:


  • Plan, organise and deliver an inspirational sports curriculum in consultation with the Deputy Head;
  • co-ordinate entry into sporting competitions and organise inter-school matches;
  • plan and deliver sporting events hosted by the school such as Sports Day and the annual Cross-country competition;
  • having regard to the curriculum for the school (which includes the EYFS, National Curriculum, Common Entrance and Common Academic Scholarship syllabuses), and with a view to promoting the development of the abilities and aptitudes of the pupils in any class or group assigned;
  • planning and preparing schemes of work and lessons;
  • establishing and maintaining a working atmosphere conducive to learning by setting high expectations for pupils’ behaviour and maintaining good discipline in accordance with the behaviour policy.
  • setting high expectations for all pupils notwithstanding individual differences including gender or cultural backgrounds.
  • creating a classroom and sports field environment which celebrates supports and extends opportunities for learning.
  • assessing, recording and reporting on the development, progress and attainment of pupils;


For an application form and further information please contact Alison Scobbie


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