Extra curriculum

At Polwhele House, we want children to develop as wide a range of interests and hobbies as possible in order that they may find new ways to excel. For children in Years 3 to 8, committed staff and specialist coaches come together to provide quite a list of extra-curricular options.

We also make use of our extensive and impressive grounds with seasonal clubs such as outdoor creative writing; gardening; kitchen garden; pioneers; rugby; football; cricket; rounders; tennis; netball; hockey and athletics.


We believe that sport is a hugely important element of both education and life. Habits learned early affect children’s lifelong attitudes to sport and fitness. At Polwhele House we aim to provide a sporting environment in which every pupil has the opportunity to reach their full potential and develop a love for sport and exercise.

With our fantastic school grounds all pupils are presented with endless sporting opportunities.

EYFS and KS1

From Nursery to Year 2, pupils receive a swimming lesson and two PE lessons per week from our specialist PE teachers. In Nursery and Reception, pupils enjoy playing games and activities which allow them to develop their balance and co-ordination, spatial awareness, ball skills and fair play. They take part in gymnastics and dance which help them develop their balance and control, as well as allowing them to develop their creativity.

In Years 1 and 2 we build on these base skills and start to introduce simplified versions of team games such as netball, football and tag rugby.

After school multi-sports clubs are offered to all KS1 children from Reception upwards.


KS1 pupils participate in a weekly Midi Fencing session, which builds skill, strength, stamina and flexibility. The children learn to enjoy the sport and benefit from the fencing culture where the ethos of ‘humble in victory, gracious in defeat’ is a feature of every session. From Year 3, pupils who continue take 1:1 lessons each week during the term and throughout the holidays. Once this apprenticeship is complete, they join a squad of core fencers who meet weekly for electric sparring and group lessons.

Music & Dance

Dance lessons can be chosen on Fridays, when a professional teacher visits to deliver lessons to those who love to perform.

Peripatetic music teachers deliver instrumental lessons from piano and voice to guitar and drums. Other than the harp, we can deliver lessons in most instruments!


Riding lessons happen during school time or on Saturday mornings.

After school clubs

After School Clubs range from Rugby and Jiu Jitsu to Russian and Gardening. Every term is different and children can choose before term starts. Some Clubs are very popular, though, so it’s a good idea to book early.

Before heading off to After School Clubs, children have tea in the Conservatory to make sure they have enough energy to make the most of the Club they are attending.

There is always the option of Late Club, which offers activities for children until 17.30, in familiar surroundings with well-known staff members,

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