Pre-Prep at Feadon Farm

Pre-prep students had a fantastic day at Feadon Farm

Pre-prep were treated to a fantastic day at Feadon Farm last Wednesday. Gary and Kirsty allowed the children to feed goats and chickens and they also saw an Emu and a Reindeer called Nadelik. We were then treated to an encounter with a ferret, Wilfred volunteered to help experience the smell a ferret makes when you rub their fur on your skin. They were shown how ‘bendy’ the ferret is and Gary even folded the ferret and put her into his pocket. We learnt how endangered Hedgehogs are and the children were given the opportunity to feel how prickly a hedgehog is. The children were provided with sanitiser gel after each animal experience.

Mrs Bishop provided us with a super lunch and the children enjoyed eating together in the education room. Thank you Mrs Bishop.

After lunch we were split into two groups and each group had amazing experiences meeting foxes, feeding them and some children even received a kiss on the nose. They met a toad and found out how they swallow their food using their eyes, and they met a beautiful corn snake. The children had the opportunity to hold the snake, to hold part of it or just stroke it. Then back outside they were given the privilege to fly a Barn Owl. Before we left the children met some mice.

We had an amazing, informative day with Gary and Kirsty and we thank them very much for the special opportunities the children were given.

The children behaved superbly.

Well done Pre-Prep.

Mrs Caddy  


Visiting the animals



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