Creative Arts celebrated at Polwhele House

Polwhele House Showcases Creative Talent

Polwhele House celebrated the creative arts through an afternoon and evening of performances and exhibited work.

Polwhele House hosted the evening and afternoon this week in order to showcase and celebrate all things creative – including drama, poetry, music, art and storytelling.

The events featured performances by the Drama Club and the Musical Theatre Club alongside individual presentations from other Prep School pupils.

Keith Caddy, Head of English and Drama at Polwhele House and one of the organisers of the event, said:

“The creative arts are extremely important to us at Polwhele House, and we take pride in the opportunities we offer the children to express their talents. Both the afternoon and evening were extremely well received and the talent and creativity from the children was abundant.”

These events complement a range of other creative opportunities throughout the school year, including regular lunchtime performances, concerts and the end of year production.

Alex McCullough, Headteacher of Polwhele House, said:

“We are dedicated to delivering a high standard of academic excellence at Polwhele House, but it is just as important for us to see our children flourish artistically. Alongside events like this, we also integrate drama, art and music throughout the curriculum and provide plenty of extra-curricular opportunities through clubs and individual lessons.”


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