Poldark gets the Polwhele Treatment

The End of Year Production at Polwhele

Parents and friends of Polwhele House in Truro don’t have to wait until Sunday night to catch their favourite Cornish miner, with the opening of the school’s highly anticipated end of year production ‘Pol(whele)dark’ this week.

Pol(whele)dark is based on the hit BBC drama Poldark, with some Polwhele House history sprinkled into the plot.

After finding her husband out working in the field with his shirt on, a worried Demelza sends for the doctor, who establishes Ross’s strange behaviour stems from the stress of not being able to find tin down his mine, Wheal Barrow.  His worst fears are realised when one of his investors, George Warleggan, insists on the return of his investment. Demelza stands on the cliff tops staring out to sea for quite some time but this has no effect on the situation.

Ross is summoned to debtors’ court, where a panel of judges sentences him to a spell of hard labour. Much to George Warleggan’s annoyance, Richard Polwhele, of Polwhele House, Truro, steps in as guarantor. This buys Ross some time but could mean that Polwhele may well end up in prison alongside Ross if the mine fails to become profitable soon…

Keith Caddy, Head of English and Drama at Polwhele House, said:

“Children at Polwhele House have the opportunity to take part in drama productions and activities throughout the year, but the end of year production is always the most anticipated, as it gives the children a chance to be really creative and let their talent shine through. We always create original scripts based on popular culture, so that the children can have a bit of fun with their parts and are free to try something new.”

The original script also features new versions of popular songs, ‘Going Underground’ by The Jam; the theme from (mine) Shaft!; and Cornish songs such as Lamorna; Camborne Hill; and Trelawny.

Alex McCullough, Headmaster of Polwhele House, praises the hard work of the cast and crew, saying:

“The standard of performance at the end of year productions gets higher every year, and we are always extremely proud of the level of dedication and professionalism from the cast. All aspects of the production are managed by the pupils, supported by our Head of English and Drama Keith Caddy and the staff team, meaning the children learn skills in lighting, sound, design and stagecraft.”


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