Inspection Report

Our Latest Inspection Report

Highlights include...

"The school is highly successful in meeting its aims and offers pupils an excellent educational experience."

"Pupils make rapid progress in relation to their abilities..."

"Strong links... with the overwhelmingly supportive parents."

"Behaviour throughout the school is exemplary."

"Small class sizes ensure that the teachers know their pupils exceptionally well."

"Praise is omnipresent in lessons..."

"Pupils show excellent social awareness; they are engaging, courteous and socially adept."

"...the clear ethos promotes excellent behaviour, generosity of spirit, a co-operative atmosphere and strong shared values."

"Bullying is not tolerated; pupils know that inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with quickly and effectively."

"The chef provides healthy meals for all pupils, locally sourced, with vegetables from the school garden..."

"Pupils are confident that their views are heard and acted upon."

"They (the boarders) are allowed to be children, to play, have fun and get dirty."

...and too many 'excellents' to mention here!