A home away from home

From Year 3, Polwhele House students can choose to board overnight at school during term-time.

We offer flexible weekly boarding, with some children staying Monday to Thursday, others choosing a day or two each week and a few coming in for a night or a week when their parents are away – so long as we have space, your child is welcome to join us.


Our strong pastoral system allows parents to be confident that their children will be cared for in a family environment with plenty of time to share successes as well as problems which have arisen during the day.

Some of our boarders choose to stay overnight even though they live 200m from the front drive! Boarding gives them space to grow as individuals and try out a little independence – as well as spending time with friends of all ages.

What Happens when you Board?

Dormitories for boys and girls are in the main School House, where our Head of Boarding arranges evenings so that every child gets to complete their homework as well as having time to relax with friends and pursue a range of activities. Of course, supper is one of the highlights, with the children being allowed to contribute to menu planning to ensure their favourites are included during the term.

In the morning there is breakfast (which might be anything from pancakes to bagels or bacon and scrambled eggs). Our most recent venture saw children making marmalade for the breakfast table!
The children are cared for by our Head of Boarding with the essential Nanny (in the form of a Labrador dog) who takes them up to get dressed and encourages good behaviour at all times!

Children can always phone home – but they prefer to get all the fun finished first!

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