A monster of a production from Polwhele House

Parents and friends of Polwhele House in Truro are shouting, ‘he’s behind you!’ this week as they enjoy the opening of the much anticipated annual end of year musical. 

This year’s production, ‘Frankenstein the Pantomime’, marks the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s gothic horror novel, but with a Polwhele House twist thrown into the mix.

Loosely based on the novel with a few panto touches thrown in, the musical extravaganza tells the classic story of Viktor Frankenstein while, in Polwhele House style, featuring a few other familiar faces.

When Viktor Frankenstein seems to be hiding even more than usual, his family are starting to worry. With his assistant, Mary Shelley, wife of poet Percy, he works long hours in his lab. But what is he working on?

Meanwhile Morgan Peers organises an election debate between Boris Johansson and Von Trump, both of whom have big ideas for clearing the streets of peasants when one of them becomes Burgomaster of Ingolstadt.

After harnessing the power of electricity to bring his monster to life, Viktor brings his monster to the election debate. When both men pick on the peasants, the monster springs to their defence and before you can say ‘he’s behind you!’, the monster is voted in as Burgomaster. 

Before long, the monster realises that a great political figure needs a bride. Viktor decides to move on from creating monsters and begin working on a robot. But that takes hard dosh, so Viktor and the monster go to the Dragon’s Den. Will they get the investment they need to create their robotic bride?

Keith Caddy, Head of English and Drama at Polwhele House, said:

“The end of year production is easily the most anticipated event of the school year and always ensures that we finish the summer term on a high note, having showcased the talent, commitment and creativity of the children. It is great to witness the children embrace the opportunity to try something new and challenge themselves.”

The show features hits such as ‘Night Fever’, ‘The Monster Mash’, ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘(I’m not even) Human’. This is the first gothic horror tale specifically designed NOT to scare the pants off the audience. It is also an affectionate nod towards the fine traditions of the great British pantomime.

Alex McCullough, Headmaster of Polwhele House, is delighted with what the cast and crew have achieved this year, he said:
“The end of year performance is a brilliant opportunity for the school community to come together in collaboration and celebration. Each year we are taken aback with the professional attitude displayed by the children, as they manage and run all aspects of the production with the support of our dedicated staff team. It is a joy to see the children flourish while showcasing their talent to parents and friends.”


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